My Yoga Journey

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Last year my friend Sheena and I took a couple yoga classes since we were interested in getting fitter and toning up. The first class we took together was a little weird and I blame it entirely on the male instructor who I swear ogled us, specifically while we were in the “happy baby” pose. (If you’re not sure why we should be weirded out by this, simply Google the pose and imagine the instructor standing right in front of you.) The second class we took was at an entirely different studio and I felt completely at ease with the instructor who was a lady. She took the time to get to know us – our names, any injuries, health aspects – as well as explain the flow of the class etc. I never felt like I was just another paying customer with her.

As the end of the year quickly approached, making time for a yoga class was the last thing on my mind. Until the new year came around.

I promised myself that this would be the year of doing more for me. Finding out more about myself and what I want to do. After a wonderful breakfast out with a school friend where she told me all about her twice-weekly yoga and how over the past year and a bit it had made her feel more energised, flexible and in-touch with herself, I immediately started researching nearby yoga studios when I got home. I happened upon the Yoga Warrior studio in Rosebank and found that they were having a beginners yoga class spanning a five week period with one class a week of 90 minutes. What better way to start my yoga journey than with a specialised beginners class that would teach me the basics!

Of course I told Sheena all about it and she hopped on the yoga-wagon. And then I told my sister about it who decided that this course would be the kickstart she needed in getting her body back after my nephew was born in 2012 (her second child).

This morning the course began. It was lovely. Today’s instructor, Angelo, introduced himself and talked us through his journey making us feel more at ease. I did chuckle to myself when he told the class each to get a block and strap since I’d never heard of these before and wondered if I had come across some kinky yoga studio. But my fears (and chuckles) quickly subsided when he asked us to sit on the block. (The straps were used during the class to assist you if you couldn’t do certain stretches.)

The class itself was pleasant. Tough at times with the different poses, but so pleasant. I’m really looking forward to next week’s class.

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