My Sky Dining Experience

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My sky dining experience was originally supposed to happen in June, but the weather was not on our side and we had to postpone due to unseasonal rain. We finally managed to reschedule to this past Sunday and although the weather was still a little chilly we all had a lovely experience.


This amazing experience is organised by Sky Events and is currently situated at the Fairway Hotel and Spa which is at Randpark Golf Club. It is a unique dining experience for anyone that wants to transform an ordinary meal into something fantastic.

We arrived half an hour ahead of our scheduled snack time so we could sign indemnity forms and enjoy some light refreshments. (I think the champagne being served here was to help calm a few of the guests who were getting more and more nervous at the thought of the crane hoisting a specialised table to a height of 40 meters…)

When it was time for “lift off”, we were led down a red carpet and laid eyes on the special table for the first time. Guest seating is on the outside edge with a small table ledge in front of you. The inner section is where the waiters/barmen and entertainer stand to assist with serving. The table accommodates 22 guests per session and each chair is a bucket seat with strapping to keep you in place. We only discovered when we touched down again that the seats could recline! I suppose I’d have freaked out if I’d found that out while I was 40 meters up in the air!


After a quick safety briefing, plates with cloches were placed in front of us and our crane operator began hoisting the table to the highest point we would go. It took us a matter of minutes to get up and it was a really smooth journey.


As soon as we were up we were served some drinks and we tucked in when our cloches were removed from our plates. We were served a small selection of snacks – a chicken satay kebab, a vegetable springroll with a sweet chilli sauce, some meatballs, and some deep-fried fish with a tartar sauce. I do think there should have been something sweet served afterwards to end off the meal even if it was only a chocolate, but that’s just my sweet tooth talking.



The snack time slot allowed us to be up for about 45 minutes which was just perfect as it was a little chilly with the wind. I’m glad the weather hadn’t been on our side previously as we may have frozen going up in the middle of winter.


To give you an idea of how high up we were, that blue speck with white on top is one of the workmen on the ground.

This was one of the things added to my list to do this year. See what else I’ve got up to or what I plan to get up to over here!


  1. Now that looks really cool… although the snacks sound a little plain to me

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  2. On my list now as well!
    I did not know that they are doing it at the Fairway Hotel! it is a favourite chill spot!

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