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Day One

After an 8 hour flight to Dubai, a 3.5 hour transit at Dubai Airport, and then a 7 hour flight, I finally arrived in Milan! It was a very long trip but it was made so much better since I travelled business class. This meant that my transit in Dubai was very relaxing since I had access to the business class lounge which included a comfy couch to sit on, complimentary WiFi and complimentary food and drinks. It was amazing!

Upon collecting my baggage in Milan, I met three other South Africans that had been invited on this once-in-a-lifetime trip – Kelda (Marie Claire magazine), Lisa (Cosmopolitan magazine) and Stuart ( We headed out together to find our hotel transfer and then waited a little while longer for a few more passengers. These turned out to be Mohammed, from Lenovo in Dubai, Duncan, originally from Scotland but now based in Dubai working for The Daily Mail, and Craig, originally from the UK but also now based in Dubai working for Alpha magazine.

After an hour (or so) transfer, we all arrived at the Marriot Hotel around 10h30 and checked in. Stuart and I decided that we’d head up to our rooms to freshen up before meeting in the lobby later to explore.

Our walk in Milan was awesome, despite getting lost! We managed to find our way back to the hotel eventually and since we were absolutely starving, we found a delightful restaurant down the road (so we didn’t have to venture too much further and risk getting lost again).

We both had pasta dishes and I was blown away with mine. It was so yummy that I wish I could have found a way to generate a second stomach so I could have finished it all.

After lunch I headed back to the hotel to find my bed for some much-needed sleep before the Lenovo launch event later that night.

I found it so interesting that the street signs in Milan are etched in stone and attached on the corners of buildings. Such a fabulous idea!

As everyone lives in apartment complexes there are so many entrances like this. Gorgeous arch decor, detailed doors, tiled courtyards, impressive intercom systems…

I love this idea of bicycle rentals! Milan is so stereotypical with the amount of people you see riding scooters or bicycles. I even spotted an old lady riding her bicycle in heels and thought that that was exactly what I wanted to look like when I am older.

Spotted this old beauty amongst all the new cars.

The apartment buildings generally have the apartments from the first floor upwards. This means that many different businesses take up occupation on the ground floor. You’ll find a restaurant next door to a bicycle shop next door to a car workshop etc. And you’ll find a flower shop on almost every corner!

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