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Last week Sunday Gary and I left early for the Drakensberg. I was supposed to have gone on Saturday with the rest of the crew, but because I had my sister’s baby shower that day, I organised to get down there myself down on Sunday. We arrived safely around 9am and as soon as my luggage was out of the car, I kissed Gary goodbye and he began the drive back to Johannesburg while I started organising and running around.

There was a lot to get done! Our delegates needed to be checked in and given their room keys, our afternoon’s activity needed preparation and to get started, and the night’s dinner setup needed to be finished.

All the delegates were asked to be at the boma at 5pm. Each delegate was put in one of eight teams and each team picked a captain and someone to make the potjie. Each team was given a pack which included coloured bibs, a soccer mascot to decorate, and an art box with paints, coloured pens, a piece of fabric for the team to design a flag, and other bits and bobs for decorations. They were then told to go to specific but different venues where they were to decorate the mascot, design the flag, come up with a warcry and determine a team name. The potjie cook stayed at the boma and each team was given a different recipe with a basket full of all the necessary ingredients. All teams arrived back at the boma at 7pm for a quick welcome speech, and then each team introduced themselves, did their warcry, explained their flag, and showed off their decorated mascot. Points were awarded for best warcry, best potjie, best flag, and best mascot.

This was what the teams received to decorate their mascot and their flag. The cap was given to the captain to wear.

We used half of the boma for the dinner setup. Simple table decor was used as the boma leant itself to the African theme.

During the day on Monday the delegates conferenced and then split up to go to different break-away sessions. During the afternoon we had two rounds of 4-a-side soccer matches between the teams (the opposing teams were drawn the night before) and I was the resident score-keeper. After the soccer matches all the delegates returned to their rooms to get ready for the night’s activity – a soccer themed games night.

We used two painted soccer backdrops and used beaded wire soccer players as the centrepieces.

The game was a hit! There was a large and VERY long PVC game board that ran the length of the room (with four tables on each side). Each team used their mascot as their playing piece, and using an electronic dice, each team moved the stipulated spaces. Each space either required the team to perform a soccer-related charade, do a soccer-related skill, answer a soccer-related general knowledge question, or answer a soccer-related question in thirty seconds. The team that won the game then scored points.

The board game with the eight team mascots lined up on the starting point.

During the day on Tuesday the delegates conferenced and then split up to go to different break-away sessions again. That afternoon we were supposed to play the semi-finals and finals of the soccer based on the four highest goal scoring teams from Monday, but we were rained out! And when I say we were rained out, the skies literally opened and it poured! The teams competing were so upset that they couldn’t play, so they ended up going to play pool at the bar. I spent the rest of the afternoon getting things in order for the gala dinner that night.

The decor for the gala dinner also took an African flair and were more elaborate than the previous nights’ decor. Beaded vuvuzelas were used in the centrepiece along with proteas, gerberas and beaded aloe plants. South African inspired backdrops were also used, but because I took such blurred pics, I can’t put them up!

With all the running around, I was still lucky enough to be able to enjoy the wonderful view each time I opened up my bedroom curtains, while I was scoring for the soccer and when I was running between venues.

This was the view from my second floor bedroom of a three bedded chalet.

And this was a sunset I managed to enjoy.

It was a busy and tiring event, but it went superbly well! Now onward to the next event…

Hugs & Kisses
Jessica Giggles


  1. My darling fiance attended your function… he won the potjie competition for his team on the first night 🙂

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    • What a small world! 🙂 Hope he enjoyed the conference and all the activities.

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      • He did… and he loves the Drakensberg so he was in his element. I missed him very much.

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  2. Sounds fantastic!!!
    How many delegates were there?

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