My first day

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In short my first day can best be described as “Oh My Word”. You see, I have the ability to think things seem easier or less labour intensive than they really are. And since I thought that with my fantabulous organisational skills I would have all my new company’s issues sorted out on my first day, I was really overwhelmed and daunted when i realised the magnitude of things that needed sorting out. Not only are there a lot of systems that need to be setup, there is a lot of organising that needs to happen!

I was really upset when I got home because I’d thought so highly of myself and expected things to be easily sorted because of how they’d been explained in my interviews. I was doubting my decision to leave the previous company. And I was doubting myself and my abilities.

I felt a little better about things after chatting with Gary. And better still when I chatted with Sarah at 27Dinner on Thursday evening. She told me that if someone didn’t feel more than 20% out of their comfort zone on their first day, then the move was not worth it. How did I expect to grow my abilities by moving to a job that didn’t expect more of me, or didn’t challenge me.

So I’m now looking forward to going back to work on Tuesday. Looking forward to proving to myself that I can do it! Yes there may be bitching and moaning at first, but I’m sure it’ll all be worth it in the end.

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Jessica Giggles

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  1. Agree with Sarah – the out of your depth feeling is an awesome challenge – you KNOW you can do it 🙂 *insert pom poms here* 🙂 Mwa!

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  2. I agree, you should be fine. When I spoke to you, you had plans for everything that went haywire the first day, that’s an excellent sign!

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  3. I’m with Sarah. There’s no point in moving and taking on something new if you have nothing to learn!

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  4. Glad you are feeling more confident and ready to go again!

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