My boss, my hairdresser and my dad…

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…sounds like the start of a joke, hey?! Well they are all separate elements that created serious stress for me and they all happened in the past two days…

My boss
I have been at my current job for the past 16 months. And my time there has involved some good, some bad, some frustrating and some why-am-I-not-grey-yet moments. Anyway…things got quite heated on Thursday, so much so that I handed in my letter of resignation on Friday which the boss didn’t accept. I don’t think I can/want to say more about this at the moment but let’s say that things will need to change if I am to stay…

My hairdresser
If you follow me on twitter you will have known that I had a very crappy experience with my previous hair salon. I had gone there in July-ish to retouch my highlights and get a trim but on arrival I was told my hairdresser had quit and that another lady would “fit me in”. Not only was my hair butchered (badly cut and highlights not done properly), the lady messed hair product on my white jersey. So I was in search of a someone new… And then my sister told me about this lady at a salon in Dunkeld that was looking for new clients and had vouchers for complimentary treatments. I jumped at the chance to try someone new (and a referral) and to use a voucher towards it. Let me just say that I have found my new hairdresser! The highlights were perfectly done and she fit as many as possible to ensure I was happy. I was then led through to the wash basin area where my jaw dropped as I entered… Instead of the normal chair positioned in front of the specially shaped basin, I spotted a few curved beds with the specially shaped basin where a pillow would be. And next to the bed was a stool where a therapist was waiting to give me my complimentary hand (or foot) massage. And the thought came to mind of why would anyone need to go to a spa when their hair salon relaxed them like this!! I’m definitely going back…

My dad
We arranged to see my dad this morning so we could chat through what has happened the past few months and where we are at the moment. My dad has been worried about Gary and I getting back together (and understandably so)…so this conversation had been a long time coming. Not only to put to bed what happened all those months ago, but also to tell him where we are now and where we see ourselves in the future. It was a nerve-wracking drive to the restaurant but the chat went well and I think we’re on the way to patching things up…

So how stressful was the past two days for you?!

Hugs & Kisses
Jessica Giggles


  1. Good heavens nowhere near as stressful as your past two days. Hope your job situation improves.

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    • Sounds like you have had the most non-fun week… hope everything improves. Really.

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      • Now I am wondering why I can reply on Jenty’s but not actually post a comment? That hairdresser and salon sounds wonderful and you look stunning. Glad you sorted out things with your dad. And hope things get in line at work

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  2. That is a fantastic photograph of yourself Jess.

    That salon sounds incredible. You’re going to have to give me the details so that I can, um, ‘survey’ the premises, you know, out of curiosity 🙂

    Big thumbs up to the whole ‘reparations’ with your Dad. You both need it and I am really happy that it is finally underway.

    PS: It is time you found a job that will appreciate you and your talents. Out with the old, in with the new.

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  3. I like the part about you and Gary possibly patching things up. That sounds good because I know it will make you happy 🙂

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