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I know I’m really late in posting about my 5 Gum Experience! It’s been a busy time, what can I say?!

For those of you that don’t know, 5 Gum is a chewing gum brand by Wrigleys. Every few months (or so) they have a concert experience where they bring in a well-known artist to perform. You aren’t able to buy tickets to the experience, you can only win them. And best of all…the venue is kept a secret until the very last moment! And last week’s experience was no different!

So last Friday was rainy and cold and generally miserable but the thought of going to watch The Kooks (as VIP ticket holders) drowned out the bad weather and stay-at-home-on-the-couch tendencies. As we were told it was an outside venue but covered, I decided it was necessary to dress warmly. I put my knee-high winter socks on under my jeans. I put two vests on underneath a long-sleeved top and then piled on a sleeveless bomber jacket and finally another warmish jacket.

We stopped for dinner along the way and happened upon an Instagram picture someone had taken at the Top Secret Venue. It looked like the concert was taking place under a bridge somewhere in town so we headed to a place we thought it may be. It was like we were on a hunt for lost treasure and this made our experience even more exciting! So we drove around town a bit and went to the places we thought it could be, but alas there were no bright lights and no loud music. DAMN! Now what?!

Well we decided that since the event details said to meet at the Oriental Plaza where we could park and then take a designated bus to the Top Secret Venue, that we would go to the plaza and then just follow a bus to the Top Secret Venue. And we tried! But those blasted buses escaped us by using the cruel invention of bus lanes. And so we did the next best thing! We found someone at the Top Secret Venue and asked them to send a screen shot of a map showing where they were. SUCCESS! We now knew which direction to head to…

We took a gamble and found a parking on the street nearby and ran through the rain to the Top Secret Venue (narrowly missing a few very deep puddles).

Getting inside was easy and we were quickly fitted with our VIP tags before entering the hustle and bustle. The vibe was awesome! I must say I was extremely appreciative that we were in the VIP area that had a stretch tent over as it kept the rain run-off from wetting us considering it was coming through from the highway above us.

Despite the cold and the rain, we had a great time! It was an awesome experience and something I would not have ordinarily done. If you want to keep in touch with what may be happening at the next 5 Gum Experience, head on over to their Facebook page and wait for more details.

And now for a few pics from the event:




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