Murphy’s Law

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This happened to me! Although it wasn’t an ex boyfriend. And I didn’t look as bedraggled like she does.

This moment of horror happened to me while I was at the Rooms on View expo that took place in May this year. The entire day had been spent running between our offices and the Sandton Convention Centre delivering brochures or relieving my boss to “man our stand” when he had to attend meetings. The boss called me in a panic around 5pm saying that he needed a few bottles of champagne to be delivered before 6pm. I then rushed around the office trying to get the last few office related things done before taking a few bottles out of our stock and running to my car. I managed to get to the convention centre in time but now had to carry the bloody heavy box of champagne bottles from the underground parking all the way to the exhibition space. It was a mission! I managed the tortuous trip and arrived at our stand red-faced and out of breath. After placing the box on the floor, I stood up and was met with the perfectly made-up face of a girl I used to go to school with. You know, the popular girl with the perfect teeth and the perfect skin and the perfect hair and the perfect everything. I tried to divert my gaze as if I didn’t spot her but it was too late! I had been seen! In all my red-faced, breathless, unglamorously dressed glory. I allowed for a quick conversation before urgently mentioning that I just had to go because there was still a lot to be done blah blah blah. And I hot-footed it out of there as soon as I possibly could!

What was your “moment”?

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  1. LOL! For me, it was an ex-boyfriend. I’d broken up with him over the phone from varsity with some lame story about having “met this girl…” Shame, poor guy.
    He was sitting in a restaurant with a group of his buddies looking very uncomfortable & trying hard to look like he hadn’t seen me. So I decided to put him out of his misery and moseyed on over and said hi.
    Apparently he’d heard I had committed suicide. Clearly, I hadn’t. We played nice(ish) for a couple minutes and I went back to my table proceeded to get drunk and wild, as had been my original intention. ;-P

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