Moving Day

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I have been in my new home for over three months already! Can you actually believe it?! It feels like just the other day I was preparing to move…

My stuff had been in storage for over a year so you can understand my inability to recall exactly what was there when Mr Man asked how many bakkie loads I thought it would take to move everything. My blanket answer was along the lines of knowing there was a bedroom set (bedside table and dressing table), two wingback chairs, a few boxes and a dining room suite, so definitely only one load. Much to his amusement, there was A LOT more than that but luckily we managed to keep it to two loads!

I had taken an upper level storage container as I thought it would be a lot more secure since it was more difficult to break/get into. But what I didn’t think about was the schlep of having to book the storage yard’s forklift. You needed to book it for a specific time to ensure it was available depending on which other units may be moving things and needing to book it. I booked it for first thing in the morning and again for midday as I thought it would take forever to unpack one load, go to the house, offload and return for the second load. We were back for the second load around 10am! Luckily there were no other people needing the forklift so we were able to unpack the last things and get to the house way ahead of schedule.

move 1

Besides the sore muscles and bruises in the weirdest of places, the trouble with moving is having to sort through the mess once everything has been offloaded. One look at this and I was ready to climb in my car and drive away. I suppose this all could have been avoided if I stayed at the house and then directed the guys when they came through the door…anyway!

move 2

Once some things had been moved around to their correct rooms the unpacking could begin. My lovely sister came through on the Sunday after the big move to help unpack and sort the kitchen with me. (She had no choice really since I have helped her move and unpack multiple times, so she owed me! :P) 

It seemed to take forever to get through the boxes. This was made worse as I had vowed to go through every box and sort through the things I wanted to keep, and those items that could be given or thrown away. It had to be done and that was the time to do it.

move 3

move 4

One day to move. One day to start sorting through and packing away. So much was accomplished in such a short space of time. Now I just need to make my house my home – put pictures up on the wall, sort out and decorate rooms to finish them, and unpack and go through the last few boxes. It’ll all happen in good time though.

move 5

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