Movie Review: The Rewrite

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The Rewrite

Last Wednesday I was invited to a special screening of The Rewrite at the Ster Kinekor Head Office in Sandton. I wasn’t too sure what the movie was about when I RSVP’d, but since it starred Hugh Grant and Marisa Tomei I just knew it was going to be a goodie.

The Rewrite is a romantic comedy (my favourite type of movie) and is about a “one hit wonder” screenwriter who has no choice but to take a job opportunity teaching a screenwriting course at a university so he can pay the bills. He starts an illicit affair with a student, selects his course participants based on looks and not their sample scripts, and starts an argument with one of the faculty members. And that’s just the beginning! But by the end you learn to love him and he finds romance and happiness. It’s just the type of movie I’d buy on DVD and watch over and over again.

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  1. I’m aaaall about the rom-coms right now – light, funny and totally escapist. Time well spent, I reckon. ;-P

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