Monday craziness

Posted By on Feb 15, 2010 | 5 comments

Today would have been wonderful had there been a moment to procrastinate! From the moment I arrived at work this morning I was inundated with a list of different things that needed to be done. All urgent of course!

I started the to-do list by sitting with the graphic designer. We needed to come up with two options for an email invitation. Luckily this only took an hour or so. Then it was time to finalise things with a client for an event this Friday. Then there were quotes and floorplans to be done. Then I had to rush to collect CD duplicates and hand deliver them to a client in town. Then it was a rush back to the office to sort out another event taking place in March where I’ve been coallating the RSVPs.

Does anyone know how I can clone myself?

Hugs & Kisses
Jessica Giggles

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  1. If you find out how to clone yourself please pass it on, I definitely need two of me at the moment too!

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  2. I severely dislike crazy day like that, but it is even worse when it coinsides with a Monday

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  3. Clones are so much work. They need SO much training before they’re any use.

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  4. Aaaaargghhh, I used to be in eventing too, and I know just how hectic it is!
    Hope your week gets better!

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