Meet Ralf the Dogtor!

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When I came across an online piece about Dogtor Ralf over the weekend, I just had to share it!

Doctor Dogs are giving children at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, Australia a new “leash” on life! Ralf, one of several dogs on the programme, is a selfless dogtor that walks through several wards looking in on his young patients every Monday and spends time with them. Sometimes he just sits with them during long chemotherapy sessions. Ralf has gained a reputation as something of a miracle worker since joining RCH.

Dogtor Ralf brought a smile to 15-month-old Zeke Harrison, who has a rare genetic disorder where his body is unable to break down protein and too much can kill him.
ralf 1

He also got two-year-old Claire Couwenberg to walk for the first time in the five days since her surgery to remove a cancerous kidney.
ralf 2


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