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I was thrilled to get invited to the launch of the Converse brand at Stuttafords in Sandton yesterday afternoon. A week or so ago we were asked to save the date and advise which location we would be attending (last night was the launch at the Stuttafords in Canal Walk). On Tuesday I received delivery of two pairs of plain white Converse sneakers – 1 high top in my size, and 1 normal sneaker in Gary’s size – and a note to say that we should personalise them and then wear them to the launch.

Now of course I am very competitive so I went completely mad wondering what I was going to do and how I was going to do it considering I’m not that artistic! (I can’t even draw a stick man for goodness sakes!) So I went to my wrapping drawers (yes I have 6 drawers of wrapping stuff!) and took a gander at what I had and what would work well. So what do you think…

The before pic…

The after pic…

Gary was very creative in how he did his shoes! On the one shoe he did the Joburg skyline. And on the other shoe he did the New York skyline. I must say that they turned out really well! And when he posted a pic of them on twitter, people went a bit mad for them asking where he got them from!

So the launch was cool. Not only was there awesome Converse gear to gawk at and play with, there was also cupcakes each with a personalised Converse high top on. We also left with a little goodie bag with a pair of Converse socks in and a great Converse t-shirt.

If you’re looking to visit Converse and buy yourself some goodies, their shop-in-shops are located at Stuttafords in Sandton, Eastgate and Canal Walk.

Hugs & Kisses
Jessica Giggles

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  1. I love them!!! So jealous right now!!

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