Luck be a Ladybird

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Yesterday I was on my way to the post office for the third time this past week to get my car license renewed. It was a mission because I have yet to receive my renewal letter in the post which would have made any one of these outings more fruitful. The first time I had forgotten to take the official paper with me (the one where you cut out the license and put that in your car) so, being resourceful, I thought they might be able to use the actual paper disc in my car to renew. Apparently not. The second time I came back with the same official paper only be told that I would need to complete a form to renew. This sounds easy enough except that my car is in my dad’s name since I had no credit rating back in the day and was not able to get the required car finance. So I had to make arrangements to see my dad so we could complete the form and he could sign it. Third time lucky, right?

I headed off to nearest post office again yesterday morning and on my way from the front door to the car I managed to pick up a little passenger. While driving it decided to wriggle around causing me to swat at it thinking it was a bug…or worse a spider! My hand came away with a gorgeous ladybird and I sighed in relief. She proceeded to sit on my hand while I drove and then moved to my fingertip while I parked. I vowed to find some plants to place her on as soon as I was finished with my renewal so she stayed with me in the queue at the post office. Not only did I finally get my license sorted out, I also dealt with a lovely lady at the post office. Luck be you little miss ladybird.

ladybird luck

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