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What an awesome afternoon I’ve just had!!

When I received the invitation to this launch earlier this week I just had to say yes. I knew that I would have just arrived back in town after 20 hours of traveling (from Milan) and my sapped energy would really put this energy drink to the test. I literally had an hour to unpack my bags, shower and dress before having to leave for this event. Yes I was exhausted. Yes I was thinking of cancelling. But I hung in there and went through. And I wasn’t disappointed.

The event was held at JoziX which is an awesome obstacle (read daredevil) course located on William Nicol close to The Campus. I have often driven past it and wanted to try a few of the elements out but I was always on my way to something else and couldn’t stop.

So XS Power Drink is a sugar-free energy drink that has just been launched in the country by Amway. At this stage it is available in two flavours – Tropical Blast (blue can) and Electric Lemon Blast (yellow can) – with two more flavours being introduced next year.

XS 1

Both flavours have high levels of B complex vitamins which help kick start the immune system and aid in getting your batteries recharged. And because the energy drink is sugar-free, it is safe for diabetics and children.

Besides all these obvious benefits, it was the perfect beverage to enjoy after my lap of this obstacle course! I’m not quite sure how I got picked to compete first, but I will say that I won my round! Even if I lost my shoe halfway through…

XS 2

The XS Power Drink is exclusively distributed by Amway so head over there if you want to get yourself some to test out.

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