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Lenovo recently launched their newest gadget, the Yoga Tablet in Milan last week, and continued its launch events in the US and Beijing.

The Yoga Tablet was announced by the Lenovo team last Tuesday night. Their statement “Your life has more than one mode, so should your technology”, really set the tone for what this new gadget is all about. Three modes. Eighteen’ hours battery life. Ergonomic design.

Yoga Tablet 1

With its cylindrical handle, Hold Mode is designed to fit an individual’s hand, so the Yoga Tablet is easier to hold and offers more control over the device (where other tablets require two hands). Hold mode makes reading, checking social media and browsing the web easy and is similar to how you would hold a magazine when reading.

To convert the Yoga Tablet into Stand Mode, simply rotate the side cylinder 90° so that the tablet stand deploys, allowing the tablet to stand by itself on a desk or table. You can change the viewing angle to fit what’s most comfortable for you from 110° to 135°. Stand mode makes it easy for you to watch movies comfortably, place video calls and interact with the ten-finger touchscreen without having to rely on any add-on accessories.

You can lay the Yoga Tablet down in Tilt Mode to type directly on the tablet, play games and just surf the internet with a better viewing angle. Enhancing the the rich content and multimode tablet experience even further, you can enable the tablet’s auto-detection software that automatically brings up frequently used apps in hold and stand modes.

Yoga Tablet 2

At this stage Lenovo will only have the WiFi tablet available in South Africa, but they do intend on making the 3G model available soon. Secondly, if your hands become tired when typing on a tablet’s keyboard, you’ll be happy to know that Lenovo offers an optional Bluetooth keyboard for the 10 inch tablet that functions as a cover and even wakes up the tablet when it’s removed and puts the tablet to sleep when it’s attached.

I’m excited to spend time with this Android tab.

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