Last weekend…

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…was awful.

I had to run a weekend function near Ficksburg and dragged Gary with me as my “muscles” and assistant. The drive down was going well until we hit “crater road”. (The word pothole just does not do this road any justice because the potholes were that big!) We must have hit one crater at just the right angle as we got a blow-out. Not only was there a huge hole on the outside of the tyre, there was also about a 15cm slash on the inside of the tyre. Luckily we were quite close to the venue, a private reserve, but I was on edge the rest of the weekend knowing that we didn’t have a spare tyre any more.

The dinner event on the Friday night went without a hitch. We had set up the decor in time and then set to work putting together the room drops. Just after dark we then set out to try find all the lodges to deliver the room drops. After driving around for about 1.5 hours…on awful dirt roads…without proper directions…we came up empty handed and headed back to the main lodge. We had a quick bite to eat and then attempted to find our accommodation. Luckily the directions were better this time and we found it without any issues. We went inside, and after spotting the bathtub, I announced it was time to indulge in a hot soaking. Only there was no hot water! Nothing! So I went to bed feeling mighty sorry for myself.

Saturday went by in a blur of not getting to sit down for a moment, setting up the main dinner venue, then having to become a waitress and hand out canapés and then starters at the dinner. After being up since 5:30am, we were mighty happy to get to our room. And best of all we were in bed by 10:30pm after indulging in a HOT bath!

Sunday morning was frantic. We started breaking down the decor from the Saturday night, however we could only get so far as we then had to hot foot it to a nearby farm to set up the brunch event. I had left instructions with one of the workers there to continue with X, Y, Z while we were away. So we got to the brunch event area and had to push people to action as nothing was ready. We got the haybales set out and placed all the cushions. And then we waited for the main lodge’s crew to arrive with the tea and coffee, the gourmet sandwiches, and all the other elements required. We waited for an hour. They eventually came over the hill just as most of the guests were arriving. So we had to rush around getting everything set up.

We decided to stay at the brunch site until the guests left so that we could then tidy up the area and pack away our decor before going back to the main farm to continue packing away the Saturday night’s decor. We arrived back at the main farm at about 1pm and found our venue without any workers to help us. Apparently they had left because they were tired… Anyways we set to work trying to get everything done as we had to leave by 4pm so that we didn’t drive Crater Road in the dark. And we made it…by the hairs of our chinny chin chin.

On the drive home we got stopped by the police and metro police in a road block. We had to hoot our hooter. We had to open our bonnet for a search. And we had to open our boot for a search. Imagine the cop’s surprise in finding solar-powered glass jars in our boot and our having to explain what they are and what they were used for. Obviously we had nothing to hide and nothing of interest to them so we went on our way. We then missed our turn off and got stuck on Crater Road for an extra 40kms. And then we almost ran out of petrol because there wasn’t anything around for miles and miles. We did manage to roll into a garage. And we did get home safely. And we did thoroughly enjoy having a hot shower and scrubbing the weekend’s dirt and frustration from ourselves before going to sleep in our own bed.

I’m so excited last weekend is over. And even though it was such a horrid weekend, at least I got some gorgeous pics…

Hugs & Kisses
Jessica Giggles


  1. Sounds absolutely terrible! Glad it’s over and done with and you can make happier memories x

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  2. Goodness that sounds like a hectic weekend. Glad you survived crater road 🙂

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  3. OMW!! Sounds absolutely hectic!! Glad you got home safely in the end

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