Krazy with a Kapital K

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*Note: Before all you spelling Nazi’s attack me for my poor spelling, let me tell you first off that it is intentional. It has been so chaotic that normal spelling will just not do!

So on to this Kraziness (with a Kapital K)

Life in general has not been easy. Work has been Krazy. After work hours have been Krazy. The world as I know it has been Krazy. So let me update you on the Krazy life that I’m living at the moment…

For those of you who have an inkling of the world of event management, you will know that generally speaking the winter months are quieter. There are less weddings as brides don’t particularly want to walk down a grassy aisle that is a wintery brown instead of a summer rain-kissed green. There are less events as companies know their staff would rather spend the evenings cozied up on a couch than strutting their stuff a company function. And so this time is used to get organised with the events in the summer months, and get organised at the office. However this year we have not had the chance to breathe. We have been going non stop! This past weekend we had a wedding at Summer Place for a couple from Botswana. This weekend we have a farewell party for a private client. Then half the team jets to Cape Town for a bridal fair. And before you know it, it’s the end of August with another function to arrange before the start of wedding season in September. I’m feeling all shaky with tension just thinking about the calendar ahead… On the plus side, another lady has been hired to assist me. At this stage she has only taken over a few files, but at least it’s a few less files for me to worry about. And as she gains in confidence and experience, more will be taken off my plate. Can I get a hallelujah?! 🙂

So the stress experienced at work thus overflows into the after work hours… And the result is me wanting to stay on the couch, finishing off slabs (and slabs) of chocolate, while I further my new obsession of SuperNatural (yes, I know I’m late to the game). And yet, in between these moments of chocolate overload, I find myself writing reviews as The Dessert Teaspoon for a new food reviewing site called The Upper Palatte. And let’s not forget the tech reviews for Girl Guides! To be honest I am not quite sure where or how it all fits in time wise, but it does. And I’m a better, more rounded person for it.

And now for the bit you’re probably all waiting to hear about. Especially if you noted a relationship status change on Facebook… Gary and I are back together! Yes we have things to work on. Yes we have things to deal with. But we’re happy. And we’re making the necessary changes to move forward and grow together.

And on that happy note, what’s news with you?

Hugs & Kisses
Jessica Giggles


  1. You sound like you need a break… like a holiday 🙂 Hopefully the new lady can help ease the stress…

    Glad you and Gary are back on track, and happy doing so!

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    • That does sound hectic! Glad to hear about you and Gary – first things first though – sort out the issue!

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      • OMG! You started watching Supernatural? Now you know what I’m always on about. Yeah, the love I have for the show might be a little unhealthy…but I don’t even care!

        Also, so happy that things are back on track with you two and I hope that your assistant will lighten your workload. x

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