Kitchen Drawer-ganising

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I have been looking for the perfect item to help in organising my kitchen drawers for a while. My kitchen drawers are quite large and the items tend to roll and move around each time the drawers are opened and closed. I didn’t request any partitions when my kitchen was being installed as I wasn’t sure what I would need once everything was unpacked from the trillion boxes.

Then I came across these little Drawer Dividers from Yuppiechef! These must be one of my best buys yet!


The spring-loaded plastic dividers are able to expand to fit a drawer as narrow as 34.9cm or adjust/expand to fit 54.3cm.

I tackled two of my worst drawers – my baking/miscellaneous drawer, and my kitchen utensil drawer. It was better for your eyes (and my OCD) not to post the before pics of the kitchen utensil drawer…because…MESSY! This is the before of the baking/miscellaneous drawer.

And this is the after! The miscellaneous items (the I-don’t-know-where-to-put-this-stuff stuff) and the baking items are nicely sorted. I may look at getting a non-slip rubber mat to place loosely on the bottom to help things from shifting.

The cooking and serving utensils are sorted and now aren’t a big pile that needs to be dug through each time I’m looking for something specific.

If you need to bring some organisation to your kitchen (or other) drawers, then you should definitely get yourself some of these! (They come in a box of two.)

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