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Weeks ago I entered a competition with Joburg City Sightseeing via Twitter (@JoburgRedBus) to win double tickets on the Red Bus tour of Johannesburg. When Sam saw the competition, she entered too. Well she won! Two sets of double tickets! And since I was the person to have introduced her to the competition, she gave me a set of double tickets. Aren’t I lucky?!

So yesterday morning I fetched my sister and we headed over to Park Station to catch the bus. Since there is a Gautrain station right there, you could totally take the train if you were feeling a little worried about parking in town. But let me tell you that I parked at Park Station and I felt very safe.


Once you’re onboard the bus, you are given your own set of earphones that you plug into the terminal at your seat allowing you to enjoy the tour with your very own tour guide. Having lived in Jozi for most of my life, there isn’t much that I don’t know. It was awesome to hear a few gems that I didn’t know about my city! Like Eloff Street was Johannesburg’s equivalent of Park Avenue in New York. Or that the Carlton Centre is highest building in Africa (still).


The best part of the bus tour for me was being able to take in all the sights and sounds without having to worry about navigating the taxi’s and pedestrians. As much as I love driving, it’s just as enjoyable to be in the passenger seat and just look at the world around you.


The last leg of the bus tour took us past the old station (below). This is one of my favourite “landmarks” in town.


It was an awesome experience being a tourist in my own city and I’ll definitely be doing it again. The only downside with having gone on a Sunday is that quite a few of the attractions at each stop were closed.

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  1. I’m so excited for our trip now. Looks awesome!

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