Jo & Nic’s wedding

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Last Thursday afternoon I attended a very good friend’s wedding at Usambara. It was a truly special day because not only was it my friend’s wedding day, it was also her birthday! But for me it was quite a bitter sweet event as I was so happy for her but at the same time I was teary because I was supposed to be walking down the aisle in a month’s time… But enough of the sadness…let’s get to some piccies! (Warning: there will be quite a few piccies!!)

This is me (obviously) with a few other gals from varsity.

This was the flower arrangement on every second pew. I was a bit disappointed when I realised that the flowers were actually fake. Though I suppose they don’t look fake.

Didn’t my friend Jo look absolutely amazing?! Her husband (still sounds weird to say that) was still getting rid of his nerves after the ceremony.

The couple decided to cut their wedding cake directly after the ceremony and it was served before we went into the reception venue. It was later brought out with dessert too. This is quite a nice idea and seems to be the “in thing” at the moment.

And what would an event be without catching me eating! At least I look good!

My dear friend Lauren decided that Ashleigh and I needed some comic relief and the next few piccies are what ensued… (Thankfully quite a few of them were not put up on Facebook!)

And lastly a few piccies of my friends, and one with me and the bride!

It was a magical evening! And I am so glad I got to witness the marriage of this happy couple.

Hugs & Kisses
Jessica Giggles

*Thanks to Lauren for all the wonderful pics!


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