It’s Tooth Time

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Late last year I made an appointment with my dentist as I had noticed that my gum had started receding quite badly. He referred me to a specialist who gave me the bad news that I would need to undergo surgery to rectify the problem to ensure my gum didn’t recede further resulting in my tooth falling out.

And that surgery day is this Thursday. And I am freaking out!!

The short of it is that they will need to cut open part of my palate and remove some tissue. This tissue will then be grafted to my gum. And then I’ll be sent off with some pain medication and told to come back for a follow up appointment to remove the stitches, check the progress of the graft, etc. The only problem… I am only asleep from a sleeping tablet! No happy gas! No general anaesthetic! And then after the op, I can’t properly brush my teeth for a while. And I can’t eat anything that is hard or requires chewing. (This may be a plus though because I can eat all the jelly and custard I can handle!)

So please think of me on Thursday. Please send all your Tooth Fairies to watch over me.

Hugs & Kisses
Jessica Giggles

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  1. I had something similar done when I was at school…and its okay.
    Hopeing it all goes okay…sending lots of good wishes 🙂

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  2. Sending tooth fairies and soothing vibes. Hope it all goes well and isn’t too painful.

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