It’s a Zumba Party

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Eliza invited me over for lunch yesterday and I thought it a great excuse to pack up my Zumba things so she could also experience the fun and excitement that Zumba has to offer.

We had a glorious lunch followed by some tastebud tantalising cupcakes. And since we’d eaten so well, and all had a food-baby, we decided it was time to set up the equipment so we could ZUMBA (and work off our lunch)!!

Eliza showed such chutzpah in jumping right in there and following the instructor to “keep her green”. And then Eliza’s cousin joined the party and shook what her mamma gave her! Even Eliza’s 3 year old nephew got involved! So after a few routines/classes, we were all smiling from ear to ear and “shaking our thangs”! The ladies have now said that they will just have to go out and buy themselves a copy of the game and a Wii/Xbox/Playstation in order to continue the fun. I’d say that the Zumba Party was a success! Wouldn’t you?

Thanks again Eliza for having me over! Next time you’re coming to me, but be prepared to shake it some more!!

Hugs & Kisses
Jessica Giggles

If you don’t already know, this is part of a one month challenge with other Girl Guiders, and I need your help to win… Please head on over to Zumba Fitness SA’s Facebook page, like it and say that I referred you. The more referrals I have, the more points I am awarded. And the more points I am awarded, the higher my chance of winning the challenge and getting to keep my Wii and Zumba game.

What’s in it for you? The chance to win spot prizes as well as the chance to win your own Wii and copy of Zumba! So go on! Give a gal a fighting chance…


  1. #TeamJessica 🙂 Thanks for bringing them cupcakes and your man-slave to make us pancakes! Glad you had fun. Again!

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