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I had the most awesome afternoon driving around in a gorgeous blue Mini Cooper S Paceman and shooting pics with my iPhone at our location of choice!

When I received the invite for today’s event for iPhoneography I just couldn’t say no. We met up at the iStore in Sandton City where we were given a quick intro about iPhoneography and then we were escorted to the Mini’s we were going to be driving. It was a bit of a hustle and bustle as we all rushed around choosing our favourite one. I would have loved to drive our little blue Mini to my house and call it my own, but alas…

Of the gajillion pics I took at Zoo Lake and the Military Museum, these are the ones I submitted to the little competition. What do you think?


trunk etching

rusted bench





tank treads

military jeep


If you’ve not heard of the iPhoneography exhibition before, it’s a fabulous event where judges pick the top 100 pics from all entries which are then displayed at a venue. Very important that you have to have shot the pic with your iPhone. Entries opened today and you are able to enter up to five of your favourite pics. Head on over here to enter.

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