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I have never been known to have insomnia or not sleep well at night, but recently things are different…

It takes forever to fall asleep. And I wake up at odd times. And I toss and I turn. And I wake up to each and every noise and think the worst. And then when morning comes I am completely exhausted.

I know my mind is in overdrive and thinking a gajillion thoughts. And I know that my sleep is interrupted because of the weird dreams/nightmares I’ve been having. I just need to find a way to calm myself. Calm my thoughts. Calm my dreams. Anyone know of a solution?

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  1. I was going thru a rough patch a few months ago, and having terrible nightmares that shocked me awake and I struggled to sleep again… I also always take aaaaaaages to fall asleep.
    I have some aromatherapy drops and a calming bubble bath that really helps… U don’t have a bath tho, do u? Got them both from … Will try remember to send u exact names tomor – remind me!
    Good luck – I know how awful insomnia is!

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  2. I know this might sound elementary, but try meditation….proper meditation. It really quiets the mind. I used to suffer a whole lot worse from insomnia than what I do now thanks to learning how to silence my mind. In the past I sometimes had to endure going without sleep for almost a week having only slept 1 – 2hrs an evening. My mind just never switched off…

    Give it a bash and if you need some info/methods let me know!!

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  3. The only time your sleep will get better is when you feel better and that might take some time, as all matters of the heart usually do.

    So, my advice is:

    stock up on chamomile tea and drink a cup each night when you’re in bed ready to sleep (its good with some honey and a dab of milk)

    No gadgets, computer or TV at least 30 mins before bed

    Some melatonin to take at night will help with quaility of sleep even if the quantity is low – available at all good health shops Solal or Solgar are good makes

    Biral herbal tranquilisers are very mild and great for during the day to keep your wits about you

    Deepak Chopra has a great meditation CD that helps get you to sleep and also helps with feeling rejuvenated in the morning

    For the heart – loads of chocolate and friends and family should see you through and remember these things ‘This too shall pass’, ‘The only way out is through’ AND ‘time heals all wounds’ – they’re cliched bit so very very true. If all else fails, cry as and when is needed, its the most therapeutic thing in the world.

    PS A good Thai massage also helps rid some of the emotional stress that is carried in the body.


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  4. I have to agree with Lea. Melatonin is brilliant, I used to use it when swapping time zones on a weekly basis and it worked a charm. Chamomile tea is also VERY soothing and no TV or tech gadgets before bed will also help you unwind. Maybe read a book for 30 minutes instead? And of course you cannot underestimate the support and love of good friends and family. So remember we’re all here for you. xxx

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