I’d be in heaven…

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…if I got to call a pair of these #SexyShoes my own! I am IN LOVE with these Disney inspired heels!

1. Cinderella
These heels with their sparkling crystal detail make you feel like you’re Cinderella wearing your very own glass slipper.

2. Rapunzel (aka Tangled)
The perfect combination of lace and ribbon in a colour so close to the colour of Rapunzel’s dress.

3. Sleeping Beauty
The detail at the back of this shoe resembles the corset worn by Beauty.
sleeping beauty

4. Peter Pan
The green may be a bit much but when you have Peter Pan and Tinkerbell on the soles of your shoes, do you really care?
peter pan

5. Mickey Mouse
The icons of Disney history – Mickey and Minnie Mouse.
minnie mouse

Also featured on Vamers.

Inspiration found here

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