I miss…

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I miss the way you look at me

And how you touch my hair,

I miss the way you kiss me

The way you know just where.


I miss the way you stroke my face

And how you hug me tight,

I miss the cups of coffee

That you always made just right.


I miss the way you make me feel

When I am sad and blue,

I miss that comforting feeling

That it would always be us two.


I miss our times together

Snuggling on the couch,

I miss you saying I’m beautiful

Even when I looked a slouch.


I miss our home together

And all that was to be,

Our hopes and dreams and wishes

Which we will never see.


I sit here broken-hearted

Wanting you to take the blame,

And knowing after all of this

That I will never be the same.

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  1. R u OK. All the best, big hugs coming your way

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