I lost my new car yesterday…

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But then I found it! Let’s start the story at the beginning though…

After a week or so of looking at cars I decided on one in particular and started the process of finance applications, insurance quotes, and all that other important stuff. After a few minor hiccups, I went to fetch this beaut yesterday. Introducing Duke… My new wheels. My new ride. My new chariot.


I picked him up yesterday afternoon during a mad day of back-to-back meetings every half hour and a surging inbox with quote requests and admin galore. I had had him for only a couple hours when I excitedly drove to Montecasino for the Fifty Shades of Grey premier. I must have been super excited about both my new car and the movie that I didn’t register what level I had parked on. I am a hyper-aware person so I always note the level, whereabouts my car is parked, which cars are nearby, which is the nearest entrance etc. (I am that aware that I notice the nametags of staff helping me at my local shop or petrol station.)

So we finish up the movie a good few hours later and head off to a bar within the Montecasino casino area for a drink before we hug and kiss goodbye and make our way to our cars. And that’s where the panic fun panic started.

I knew where I had entered the parkade. And I could have sworn I parked on the second level. So I walked out on that level and couldn’t spot my new blue car. Then I went to an upper level thinking that was surely where my car was. As the elevator doors opened I peeked outside quickly and couldn’t spot my blue Duke. PANIC. STATIONS. What if my car had been stolen? Could I really have got drunk off a couple small drinks? Could I really be that girl that loses her car in a parkade? I bet the security and cleaning guys thought I was mad riding up and down the elevator.

I went to one level. Then I went to another. Then another. At some point I ended up on a floor I’d never seen before. I also lost track of which set of elevators I was using that I panicked myself further with looking out at every level and not seeing anything familiar. (Please note that the panicked idiot I was didn’t find the view familiar because I was looking at the wall behind which is the main thoroughfare between parking levels which is not where I parked at all.)

I was just about to make that call, and be that girl, and go to parkade management and ask for their assistance when I decided to ask one of the security guys for help. I explained where I entered the parkade and that I went one level up. And by that explanation the security guard told me to go level four. I speed walked to the elevator which I had initially used and jabbed the number 4 button and promised a lifetime of things for me to walk out the elevator and see my new car waiting just where I parked it.

And wouldn’t you know it… There it was. I said a few thank you’s and climbed in.

Dear Duke, I promise not to lose you again. xoxo

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