I am the Dessert Teaspoon…

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…because dessert should always be enjoyed with a teaspoon!

Some of you may know that I have a sweet tooth (to put it mildly). And some of you may know that I have become known as the Sweet Tooth Extraordinaire Dessert Reviewer. Well, I was recently invited to join the The Upper Palatte (TUP) as their Dessert Teaspoon. TUP is a group for discerning palates and distinguished patrons of exquisite cuisine in some of the finest settings in and around Johannesburg. Whether it is luxurious gastronomic fare, a cosy neighbourhood bistro, a downtown ethnic eatery, or a pavement cafe, the Upper Palatte aims to bring together good friends for great company. (Taken from their Facebook page)

Now last night happened to be the first “ingestion” which took place at Cube Tasting Kitchen in Parktown North. And when I first heard that we would be having multiple courses, my stomach grumbled an excited HELL YEAH!

We arrived late which was not a good start – the restaurant wasn’t labelled so we had trouble locating it. Luckily we spotted The Fork on the sidewalk and quickly found a parking spot.

I’m not going to tell you about what I tasted, I’m going to show you… And hopefully it’ll make your mouth water, and your hand pick up the phone to call in a reservation!

Serving One

The white square held smoked salmon slices and a micro salad.
The glass underneath that held warm home-made apple cider.
The glass in the middle was a hazelnut milkshake with duck confit.
And the cone on the left held chilli chocolate with chicken.

Serving Two

The white dish on the left held tomato pate with brinjal.
The glass just above held a prawn and avocado creme brûlée (a much tastier version of avocado ritz).
The glass to the right held a mushroom soup.
And on the wire plate was a chicken spring roll in rice paper with a chilli dipping sauce.

Serving Three

Lemon-grass infused Thai Green Curry with coconut shavings, and served with home-made bread.

Serving Four

Braised sole positioned on a new potato and finished off with creamed spinach and a sweet lemon crème.

Serving Five

Lobster Thermidore with chorizo purée on a bed of barley with lemon zest crème.

Serving Six

Slow roasted honey-glazed pork belly on a bed of oxtail ragout with a drizzle of butternut purée.

Serving Seven

Quail served with a star anise & fennel (licorice flavour) reduction.

Serving Eight

Fillet with beetroot mousse, creamy mashed potato & white wine mushrooms.

Serving Nine

A cheese salad with olive tapenade & spicy onion marmalade.

Serving Ten

Pistachio polenta tart with lemon custard & olive shavings.

Serving Eleven

Pineapple & raisins flambéed in Jasmin Tea with Chantilly cream and a delectable caramel popcorn shooter.

Serving Twelve

Rosemary infused hot chocolate & baked chocolate custard.

This four-hour meal was definitely worth the R450.00 per person price. I left feeling happy and full (though there was still space for an extra few courses of dessert). Would definitely do this again… Feel like joining me?

Hugs & Kisses
Jessica Giggles


  1. That looks just incredible!! Think I want to go there!

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  2. Looks like a lot of food!! Hubby and I did the 6 course with wine pairing at Rust en Vrede two weeks ago (while visiting family in the Cape) – magical stuff!! Will tell him about this place!

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