How I Met Your Father

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Dear future kidlets, I want you to take a seat while I tell you the story of how I met your father…

Back in the December of 2007… I had spent my first year working as an event manager and trying to put the things I’d learnt at university into practice. I hadn’t had much time to party during the year what with all the events and trips, so when December rolled around I was ready for a good party! My party partner in crime was a good gal-pal from varsity, N, who stayed just around the corner from me. This was really advantageous as it meant we could always go in one car, and when it came to home time, home was just a minute away from dropping one of us off.

So…one night, N and I went to our favourite party place – Billy the Bums in Fourways. We dressed up to the nines! #SexyShoes for me, a gorgeous pair of jeans, and a strategically made top to show off my make-the-boys-go-crazy décolletage.

We arrived and strutted our stuff into Billies and straight to the bar. A vodka, lime and lemonade was the order of my day. And once the music started, we headed to the dancefloor to shake our hips to the beat and sing along to the songs. But first we needed to find ourselves the perfect dance spot. It needed to be close enough to the bathrooms and bar so we didn’t need to push past other partyers to get a new drink or to visit the bathroom, but also close enough to the outside area so we could breathe in some fresh air every now and then.

So we’d found the perfect spot – positioned closely to the DJ booth so we could request songs, close enough to the doors for fresh air, and close enough to the bar and bathroom – when we spotted a mutual guy friend from varsity, J. And J had brought a few friends with him… *Cue giggle and happy look*

N and I beckoned J and his friends over to join us and that’s where the real party started. Now J was always known for his flirtatiousness, so it goes without saying that N and I would each dance with him. And apparently I gave off the ‘he’s not my boyfriend but I’m so into him’ vibe from the way we danced together. N and I giggled and whispered talked loudly to each other so we could hear but not too loudly to be heard over the music by our little group. I told her I had my eye on one of J’s friends and she told me that she thought he was into me too. I spent the rest of the night glancing his way, trying to dance next to him so I could chat every now and then, and trying to figure out if he was indeed into me.

N and I left later that night after a fantastic party with some fantastic people. I left disappointed that the guy I was keen for had not asked for my number nor shown much interest in me. I left thinking that I’d blown things by being so flirty-flirty with my friend J…

Continues in part two


  1. Love it! cant wait for part 2!
    Also, loving your new header!!!!

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  2. I think today is a good day for part two?
    Love the header!!

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