How I Met Your Father

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Continued from part 8

First a recap…
His sexiness and I had fallen in love! We’d been together for almost 2 years and living together for almost a year. We had added 2 doglets to the mix and made a little family.

In the November of 2009, Saturday the 21st to be exact, His Sexiness woke me up at 04h00. He told me we needed to get up, pack and get going by 05h00 or we’d be late. I thought he was having some vivid dream so I told him to go back to sleep and let me sleep until a reasonable hour (I had had a particularly gruelling function the day before). He laughed this off and again told me to get up and pack. I was instructed to pack for three days and that I should include two sets of smart outfits. Again I questioned his “awakeness” and I knew he wasn’t joking when he started running around getting his things together.

Being the curious, have-to-be-in-control girl that I am, I questioned him nonstop hoping to get a few clues as to where we were going so that I knew what I should be packing. I surmised that we must either be going to the bush or to Cape Town to surprise my friend. I packed and got myself ready, all the while continuing the questioning.

It was then time to get into the car and get going. His Sexiness used a tie to blindfold me and drove left, then right trying to disguise where we were going. But as I have an acute sense of direction, I knew exactly where we were going. And when he asked where we were, I said we were in X suburb on X road and that he really was taking me a round-about way to his parents house to drop off our house keys. Upon this statement, he huffed and puffed! He told me he’d forgotten about having to drop off keys and that I should remove my blindfold because I’d already guessed where we were going – Cape Town. I felt supremely satisfied that he’d had to give in to me because of my awesome sense of direction and deduction.

I was told to keep quiet about the trip though as it was a surprise for my friend for her birthday. So no tweeting or any mentions otherwise.

We arrived in Cape Town and His Sexiness’ brother Ross came to fetch us from the airport. Before driving through to Hout Bay where we were going to be staying, we had to stop past somewhere as Gary had a client that needed his system converted to Mac. While he had his meeting, Ross, his then girlfriend and I had a bite to eat at a restaurant nearby. Before long we were on our way to our “home” where we freshened up and got ready to head over to Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens to surprise my friend at her birthday picnic.

We arrived and walked very slowly not wanting to be spied before we spied her. Once we’d found where the group was sitting, I phoned to wish her a happy birthday. I mentioned how gorgeous she was looking in her orange top and she only said “thanks”. I then had to prompt her as to how I knew what colour she was wearing. While on this phone call we sneakily walked up to her and surprised her. And the surprise went down so well! She was so happy!

The rest of the afternoon passed quickly with catching up with the birthday girl and Ann and meeting other twitter friends – Cazpi and Acidicice – while munching on the yumminesses we had brought with. Before leaving the picnic, we made plans to meet up that evening to continue the birthday celebrations at Oblivion. Gary and I then made our way home to have an afternoon nap before getting ready for the night’s festivities.

The nap was heavenly! Just what was needed before a night out! But before we joined the ladies, we decided to go out for dinner, somewhere for just the two of us.

As we were leaving, His Sexiness suggested we go to Chapman’s Peak to watch the sunset. I thought it was a fantastic idea since I couldn’t remember when last I was there. And I didn’t think this was out of place at all, I just thought His Sexiness was being romantic and wanting to show me what Cape Town was all about. I did find it so funny when His Sexiness began getting antsy because all the viewing points were busy. I simply told him that it’s probably “date night” for most couples and what better way to spend it than watching the sunset together. We eventually found a quieter viewing point and got out of the car to have a look at the sunset.

Now His Sexiness had been quite quiet and acting a bit weird. I thought nothing of it and put it down to him being tired and not properly awake yet from our afternoon nap.

So… We’re standing on the cliff, him behind me with his arms wrapped around me, and he’s saying how we should do this again and how he wants to make it official. And I’m standing there thinking “what are you on about?” but saying how beautiful it is and how we should do this again soon.

The next moment he’s on bended knee asking me to marry him! I burst into tears! I smothered him with hugs and kisses!

And then he asks, “Is that a yes?”

And I’m like, “You’re damn right it’s a yes!”

And suddenly it all made sense. We weren’t here just to surprise my friend, we were here because he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me! And considering the amount of plans I’d made for that weekend that he had to cancel, he must really love me!

Continues in part 10


  1. Ooooo FINALLY another instalment! You need to put this on your menu cards or something at your wedding. This story is so lovely and so romantic. I totally love reading the updates. Just wish there weren’t so many big gaps inbetween 🙂

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  2. This is such a good idea and way of saving those amazing memories!

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