How I Met Your Father

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Continued from part 7

A recap…
His Sexiness and I had met and fallen in love. We shared our first Valentine’s Day, our first holiday, our first Christmas and our first New Year.

In the January of 2009, after officially living together for about a month, we added a doglet to our little family. Now this wasn’t a decision that was made after long discussions and pros vs cons. It was a decision that was made while staring into the gorgeous eyes of a Pug puppy at the pet store and just knowing that we had to have her.

This little doglet was promptly named Layla (aka #LaylaThePug) and came home with us immediately. We bought the necessary puppy food along with a very cute pink bed (she’s a girl so it just had to be pink) and some toys. She was too cute! And so small! And made the most adorable little snuffling noises when breathing and running. Above all she was an absolute dream to house train!

About a month or so after we got Layla, we decided she needed a friend to play with when we were away during the day.

So we made our way to the same pet store and stared into the gorgeous eyes of a Basset Hound puppy knowing she was the one!

This little doglet was named Chelsea (aka #ChelseaTheBassetHound) and again came home with us immediately. We stocked up on more food, more toys and a new bed. (*The money spent on the new bed was a bit pointless as the doglets used to snuggle up together in one bed.) Chelsea was adorable! Her ears were so soft! And so long that she’d trip over them or they’d get messed with food.

We enrolled our doglets on a simple puppy training course so we could get them to sit, stay, walk nicely on a leash, etc. We went every Saturday morning for six weeks. They learnt a lot! And so did we! We got to know the true personalities of our doglets…

Layla is a mommy’s doglet. She follows me around wherever I go and will often come find me if she’s fallen asleep and I’ve moved places. She loves her treats (just like me), gobbles her food down and will growl at Chelsea if she comes near her bowl. She’s also very assertive. When she wants to come inside, she wants to come inside now, and she will scratch and whine at the door until she’s let inside. She also believes she’s the main guard dog of the house – each afternoon when we get home from work she’ll run ahead searching the sky and barking here and there. She wants us to know that she’s checking everything out and making sure it’s safe.

Chelsea is all about independence, food, sleep and sunshine. If there’s no food involved, you’ll find her sleeping in a sunny spot. She’ll often go off by herself to find these spots of “awesomeness” and you won’t see her for ages. If there is food involved, she’ll do anything you like…well almost! She does have her “mad dog” moments where she’ll go running up and down the garden or taunt Layla with a rope or other toy.

They have had their naughty moments…

Like the time someone (aka Gary) left the bathroom door slightly ajar over night. They pushed the door open and had a ball tearing up a new bag of toilet paper and chewing through my facial cream containers. I awoke to no dogs in their bed and promptly asked Gary when he had let them out. Only he hadn’t… On closer inspection I heard squeaks coming from behind the just-closed bathroom door and as the door was opened, they bolted to the front door to be let out while being in two minds about how sad they were to have been caught, but how excited they were that they’d had fun.

And what about the time our domestic put the bags of rubbish in the outside bin. They sniffed out the contents, turned over the dustbin and had a blast distributing the rubbish all over the garden. And all of this in the space of 30 minutes! You see we had let them out when we woke up to do their business while we got ready for work. We knew there was trouble when they weren’t waiting at the door for their breakfast…

And what about the time where their bed was drying outside and they decided it would be fun to chew it up (they’ve actually done this three times!).

*Sharing the bed: then & now

Continues in part 9


  1. I’ve had two basset hounds, they are my favourite. My folks have two at the mo.

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