How I Met Your Father

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Continued from part 6

A recap…
His Sexiness and I began dating in the summer of 2008 and ensured we saw each other whenever possible. We had our first date. We had our second first date in the hope of making a better memory. And we celebrated our first Valentine’s Day.

By the autumn of 2008, His Sexiness and I had already discussed, in detail, about moving in together. We even went so far as wanting to sit down with both parents (separately of course) and chat to them about our thoughts and plans.

His Sexiness brought it up casually with his parents, without me around. His mom was thoroughly pleased with the idea, while his dad was somewhat undecided (though this changed within about 10 minutes, or so I’m told).

My parents were different!

Over dinner one night, we explained our plans of moving in together and were met with looks of disdain and many questions. We were asked why we wanted to move in together so soon? And we explained how we weren’t planning on doing it immediately but rather wanted to test the waters and move in when we could. We were asked why we didn’t just get engaged first? And we then had to explain that ultimately marriage was on the cards but that living together would be a great “test” to determine whether we are well suited etc. We also reminded them of the fact that both sets of our parents had been divorced and have remarried and so we were looking at doing things a little differently to the way they had done it. This comment really struck a chord with them.

More discussions ensued between June and September.

Finally we received the approval from my parents and we started planning. It was decided that I would move in with His Sexiness on Saturday 13 December 2008 – the day after I finished work for the year.

So…for the two weeks leading up to the big move, I packed a little here and there after work each day. And by the time that last Friday arrived, I was almost done.

Saturday morning arrived and I began transforming Bullet (my car) into my mini truck by folding down both of the back seats. I had already loaded my car up to it’s capacity by the time His Sexiness arrived at 9am. We then packed his car to capacity as well. My sister and BIL arrived soon thereafter and since we now had two strong men, the heavy lifting began. My bedroom unit and mattress and bed were hoisted and manoeuvred onto the hired bakkie and tied in place. All in all it took two trips to get all my stuff moved across. And because we’d started early in the day, everything was moved in by lunchtime (excluding the many many boxes which were just piled atop one another).

We then took the rest of the afternoon to get everything in place – the bedroom was first on the list, with the rest of the cottage taking second place. By that Wednesday, most of my stuff had been sorted and put away. There were still a lot of boxes to sort through and junk to throw out but I was moved in! I now lived with my boyfriend! I was beyond excited!

Continues in part 8

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  1. I love this!! The wait for the story is killing me!

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  2. Me too…love reading these!

    Thinking of doing the same thing…

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  3. You are such a terrible tease with these instalments. They should get you to write a soapie you’re very good at keeping us waiting for more 😉

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