How I Met Your Father

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Continued from part 5

A recap…
At the beginning of 2008, His Sexiness and I started dating. We had an unromantic first date but he thoroughly spoiled me on our first Valentine’s Day. We spent every possible moment together and when we weren’t together, we’d sms each other or he’d call to chat.

My 24th birthday arrived after we’d been dating for nine months. I don’t remember telling him that I LOVE and ADORE my birthday but I do remember the extent to which he made my special day even more special.

My birthday happened to fall on a Wednesday so I was at work when I received an email at 10h00 with the subject of “Listen” from His Sexiness.

Below the pic of us was a link to a website. It was clue #1 as to what my present was. A cryptic riddle was sent via sms later that day which formed clue #2. For the life of me I cannot remember what clue #3 was. What I eventually figured out was it had something to do with music (clue #1) and that it had something to do with the colour pink (clue #2). Now this got my imagination soaring! Could it be a pink teddy bear that played music? No, don’t think he’d pick something like that. Could it be pink cupcakes with music notes in the icing? Nope, didn’t think so either. I eagerly anticipated the end of the work day as I knew I’d be seeing His Sexiness and knew I’d finally be able to understand his gift.

But unfortunately that evening I was told that my gift hadn’t arrived yet. I was left in limbo – anticipating, waiting, wanting time to hurry up…

The next day (Thursday) I was at a venue supervising the setup of a huge fun day event that was taking place on the Friday. I was quite bored waiting for the stretch marquee/tent to be erected and for the various games to be installed. The next moment I get a call from His Sexiness. I complained about not having had lunch yet and being stuck at a setup. And he immediately offered to pop past with a quick bite to eat. So there I sat, waiting for his arrival with with my stomach grumbling and growling.

He arrived with the tell-tale paper bag of his favourite fastfood store and I immediately tucked in. After our lunch was done he told me that my gift had arrived and would I like it now. Of course I said yes because I just had to put my imagination at ease. Off he went to collect the small package from his car. He arrived back at our temporary lunch area and tells me that he hadn’t had time to wrap it properly because he’d just got his hands on it. And I think, “Great! Less time on unwrapping and more time on finally knowing what it is!” He hands it over, and I finally see that it’s a pink iPod (one of the new editions). I am in love! I protest a lot about how he shouldn’t spoil me so much but at the same time loving the fact that he wants to spoil me! The best part of all… He whipped out his Macbook, connected my new iPod and installed all his music on it so I could use my new gift right then and there while at the boring setup!

Continues in part 7

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  1. Wow, it’s sooo awesome reading this, can’t wait for the next instalment. 😛 I’m a sucker for romance. He sounds amazing! *high five to you guys! 🙂 <3

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  2. I was wondering when the next instalment would arrive … whoo hoo!!! And so the addiction for all things Apple began 🙂

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  3. These long waits between instalments are sheer torture, but so wonderful to read. I’m loving it!!

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