How I Met Your Father

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Continued from part 3

A recap…
In the January of 2008 we met again, we chatted a lot via sms, and we shared our first kiss…

At the end of that January in 2008 I organised a huge banquet dinner for Absa Bank which was held in an airport hangar at OR Tambo International (Johannesburg’s international airport). The dinner was for 1500 guests and included 5 star decor, entertainment by Doctor Victor & the Rasta Rebels, delicious cuisine and wonderous cocktails. There was a lot of running around on my part but the event went superbly!

Now His Sexiness and I had been seeing each other for a week, and as he was such a gentleman, he offered to meet me at the airport hangar once my event was finished so he could follow me home and ensure I got home safe. I jumped at the chance to see him since I’d been so busy those last few days with this event. So he met me at the venue and followed me home. He came in for a cuppa tea and the most glorious thing happened…we ended up chatting the whole night! I had never experienced this before! It was wonderful!

However I did not feel so great the next morning – I do require at least 8 hours of sleep to function properly. But the fact that His Sexiness was still there gave me the energy sleep would have done.

We were chatting once again when I got the phone call… The phone call I was hoping to have avoided…

While in the organising stages of the hangar event, I had specifically instructed the caterers and bar service that they would need to keep their areas clean during the event, and clean up AND remove any/all rubbish or refuse they might incur. This phone call was to notify me that this had not been done and that paper and other debris were now being swept by the wind onto OR Tambo airfields. This was a HUGE problem!

So off I rush to shower and change! And while rushing around I advise His Sexiness that I have to dash to the hangar to sort this out and that I’ll catch up with him later. Again his gentlemanly side shows itself when he offers to drive me there and help out where he can. I was gobsmacked! I mean who would offer up their Sunday to help someone clean up a massive hangar? Obviously someone that liked me A LOT!

We got to the hangar and the mess was worse than I expected. I had been thinking that His Sexiness would be able to keep me company while I sorted out the mess but I had no such luck… Not only was there a lot to clean up inside the hangar, the area outside the hangar (where the catering kitchen tent was situated) was a disaster area. I immediately got in touch with the airport caterer who provided our crew meals and asked to borrow a few brooms and black plastic bags. I then put His Sexiness and myself to work.

We swept and we swept and we swept. We filled black bag after black bag after black bag. It was seriously hard work but luckily it only took a couple hours to get everything in order. It wasn’t the most glamorous or sexiest first date, but that was when I first thought that His Sexiness could be The One.

Continues in part 5

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  1. How romantic, he sounds like a definite keeper. We are so lucky to have found our very own Mr Right.

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  2. Oh wow! He does seem like such a gentleman. Can’t wait for the next installment!

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  3. These installments are taking far too long. Please could you stop allowing work to interfere with your blogging 🙂

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  4. I completely agree with Sharon, this is so addictive!

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