How I Met Your Father

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Continued from part 2

A recap…
His Sexiness had finally asked for my number and I found myself with my phone glued to my hand awaiting his next message. I was smitten! I had to go away that first weekend for a manager’s conference for work and couldn’t wait for the trip back because it meant I’d be closer to His Sexiness.

I arrived home early on that Sunday afternoon in the January of 2008 and was so excited to be home and closer to His Sexiness. As memory serves I took the plunge and invited His Sexiness over to my place to chat and get to know each other better. (I was still living with my parents so this was quite a plunge for me…)

It seemed to take forever for His Sexiness to arrive… I paced up and down, checked and rechecked my hair, checked and rechecked that I still smelt sexy, checked and rechecked there there was nothing in my teeth… And then I heard the doorbell! And my heart went into overdrive while an excited smile plastered itself onto my face!

There was a small amount of awkwardness when we said hello but I brushed the feeling aside and took him through to the kitchen to get us something to drink. We then spent the afternoon on the couch chatting! We were amazed at the amount of mutual friends we discovered we had, and the amount of things we had in common. I was thrilled that we were getting along so well and had so much to talk about!

His Sexiness met my parents in the kitchen when I told him he just had to stay for pancakes. I think he was a bit overwhelmed with having met the parents just after starting to get to know me.

After the delicious pancakes, my parents went to bed (thank goodness they realised I wanted some privacy), and we went to sit on the couch again. After some more wonderful conversation, the time came when a first kiss was imminent – the conversation had quietened down and there was a tense excitement in the atmosphere. That moment seemed to last forever! I was wondering if he was going to make a move. I was wondering if he actually liked me and wanted to make the move. I was wondering whether he was biding his time until he could leave without seeming to be rude. (Great self esteem I have right?!)

Right then and there I made a decision…

I leaned over and kissed him! I made the first move! I gave in to my intuition and planted a big fat one on his lips! And boy was it amazing! I’m not sure how long that kiss lasted for because the rest of the world just fell into darkness while His Sexiness was in the spotlight.

Continues in part 4

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  1. Oh that is so cute! I feel all warm inside. Also a little teary-eyed – I’m a sap for love. Looking forward to part 4 : )

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  2. I so love this!! Well done for making the first move 🙂

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  3. aww sweet man,cant wait to hear what next..

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