How I Met Your Father

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Continued from part 19

In the April of 2015, after five glorious months together, we took a trip to Hermanus so that MrMan could meet my mom. We made the most of all the public holidays, put in leave for about three days and ended up getting an awesome ten day holiday!

My mom decided to retire to Hermanus but is busier now than I can ever remember with bridge games twice a week, this meeting, and that outing… We fitted in with a lot of her plans so we could spend time with her but also made sure to make time for the two of us to relax together too.

On the Sunday we tagged along to one of my mom’s social groups that were playing Boules. At first I was happy to sit in the sun but was coerced into playing and I am really glad I did! The objective of the game is to throw heavy balls (about the size of a tennis ball) under-handed as close as possible to a small target ball. There were four people involved in each game, two people per team. With the number of people participating we ended up mixing and matching players until we’d all played several games. It was an awesome afternoon spent on a hotel lawn with the most gorgeous views of the mountains and the ocean.


On the way home afterwards I suggested we take a drive up Rotary Way so that we could show MrMan the whole of Hermanus from this amazing viewpoint.


Most mornings I joined my mom for a walk on the beach with her energetic little puppy, while MrMan had a sleep in. There was one morning where I did manage to drag him out of bed and we took a coastal path between two small beaches where we spotted these cute little messages written on stones.


For all the morning walks MrMan missed out on, I dragged him out on walks in the afternoon or early evening around the estate in which my mom lives. This was an amazing time to catch up, just the two of us, and discuss what happened that day or what we wanted to get up to in the days to come. Plus we got to witness the most gorgeous sunsets and scenery.


Our last full day there was spent driving to nearby wine and cheese farms since the weather was chilly and otherwise. The cheese farm we stopped at was near Stanford and we had quite a few tasters of cheese with different artisanal jams and preserves. We then made our way to a few wine farms where we tasted and tasted and tasted. 🙂 After we’d had our fill of wine and touring the nearby towns, we stopped at a small restaurant for a late lunch before heading back to get ready for our return trip.


One amazing holiday down. Many new memories created. Five months down…a lifetime to go!

The story continues…

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