How I Met Your Father

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Continued from part 1

So, first a recap…

An amazing night of partying was had in the December of 2007 but I left feeling disappointed that I’d not been approached by His Sexiness for my number. I was left thinking that I’d blown any chance of getting to know him further because I was too flirty-flirty with my friend J.

A couple weeks after that wonderous night in December 2007, N and I packed our bags and headed to the Natal South coast for a couple weeks holiday of rest, relaxation and sun-tanning! The weeks flew by and before I knew it, we were back in Johannesburg and enjoying the last few days of holiday before having to go back to work.

N and I decided to go partying at Billies once more on the weekend marking the end to my holiday. We spread the word to our friends hoping for another night to remember. The night arrived and we dolled ourselves up as normal and headed out. And that night I bumped into His Sexiness again! I was thrilled…excited beyond belief! And I was hoping and wishing and keeping fingers crossed that he would make a move! And boy did he make a move to remember!

N and I were standing at the bar ordering another round of drinks, and without me knowing, His Sexiness came to stand behind me. He planted a soft and sensual kiss on my shoulder and I melted! Shivers were sent down my spine and my knees went weak! Right then and there I knew I had to get to know him!

The rest of the evening we danced and flirted, but alas, the end of the evening came and still he had not asked for my number!

So I began work that Monday with a heavy heart. The office was without internet and emails and I found it quite difficult to keep myself busy and keep myself from thinking of him. Until Tuesday came… Until the internet was back up and running…

I happened to log onto facebook that fateful and wonderful Tuesday and I saw a circled ‘1’ showing that I had a new message in my inbox. I clicked on it without knowing how my life was about to change. There, dated the night after we met for the second time, was an unread message from His Sexiness requesting my number! I was beyond thrilled! I immediately responded in a flirty sexy manner with my number. (Not quite sure how sexy I came across seeing as I was just giving him my number, but anyhoodle…)

I can’t remember the first sms His Sexiness sent or when it was, but I’m sure it was funny and charming as we continued to sms each other…a lot!

Thursday arrived marking my departure on a Manager’s Conference to George. I was super excited to have been invited considering I was still a newbie at the company. But bleak that I’d miss out on getting to know His Sexiness more. So away I flew for 4 days of conferencing and no cellphones allowed… Well, no cellphones allowed during conference times! And thank goodness for that, because my phone was on at all available times so I could chat with His Sexiness. I found out that his birthday was that Saturday and that I was missing out on a wonderful night out. But I promised him that he’d get a kiss when I got back – 1. to apologise for not being there and 2. to act as my special birthday present. My trip home could not come sooner…

Continues in part 3


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