How I Met Your Father

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Continued from part 18

The week after our first meeting was unforgettable. MrMan and I made plans to see each other most nights even if it was just for a quick cup of tea. It was a week of discovering whether the initial attraction we experienced on the Saturday was real and not just wine/beer fuelled, and whether the non-stop conversation also wasn’t just a once-off. Based on the Whatsapp conversations, phone calls and chats when we met up I can attest to this not just being a once-off. And the initial attraction just became deeper and deeper with each time we saw each other. (Can you say AWWWW!)

The Friday following our first meeting things became official… (Cue another AWWWW!)

MrMan is old-school and wanted us to be secure knowing we were exclusive and so he asked me to be his. It was a funny conversation actually because he started off by asking me what I thought about making things FBO (Facebook Official). I wasn’t really phased as I am not that present on Facebook as I spend most days online for social media management purposes. I was managing an event the night of the fateful conversation when I went online to check something and the first thing that popped up in my news feed was that MrMan was listed as in a relationship. In his haste and excitement, he’d mistakenly missed one of the steps so it didn’t say he was in a relationship with me so I had to rectify that, pronto.


This was a huge thing for me as I didn’t want my time to be wasted or to be strung along while he decided whether I was worth it, or waiting to see if someone better would come along (which is what happens these days). In fact on our very first meeting I had laid everything out, plain and simple, in terms of what I was looking for and what I wanted. If he wasn’t on the same page then there would be no need in continuing our date. Based on how quickly things became official, he was definitely on the same page as I was.

I may be one of the few Tinder success stories, and I am definitely glad I was coerced into joining that fateful day…

The story continues

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