How I Met Your Father

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Continued from part 17

It’s been a while since I did one of these and quite a bit has happened since then. I got back into the dating game using Tinder and I definitely didn’t expect to find anything special. But I did.

Thanks to my friend Robyn, I downloaded the app one Tuesday night in November and matched pretty quickly to a few guys. What an ego boost! I got chatting to one guy in particular almost immediately and my worries about the app being superficial quickly dissipated because his personality shone through and the chemistry was palpable.

We made plans to meet one Saturday. I chose the place and made sure it was in public just in case he turned out to be one of those weirdos from the internet. I also told Robyn about my impending Tinder date and asked her to check in with me later to make sure I was fine. Everything was set and I was ready to go…except…I was too early. You see I thought we were meeting at 6pm, he said we’d confirmed for 6:30pm. I am still 100% sure that we had confirmed for 6pm as that’s what was in my diary, and we all know how OCD I am. Anyways we managed to sort out that little hiccup and off I went to meet him.


I had to document this momentous occasion. Plus he had asked for a pic of me just before I left. I’m not sure whether this was to prove that my Tinder profile pics were of me, or whether he needed a reminder of what I looked like, either way I think you can feel the excitement and nervousness I was feeling.

I arrived first and found myself a seat at the bar as the rest of the place was pretty busy so there weren’t any couches or tables available. My heart was fluttering as I waited for him to arrive…speeding up and skipping a beat with each new person that came in as I tried to be subtle in checking them out to see if it was him.

Looking back I had no need to be nervous. This wasn’t a make or break situation. If things didn’t work out like we didn’t like each other, or if there were any awkward silences, we could just leave afterwards with no further contact. I’m really happy to say though that this was not the case.

He eventually arrived (I think if it had been any longer my heart would have jumped out my chest with all the irregular flutterings) and we managed to get a couch where we started chatting immediately. There were no awkward silences. There were no moments where I wondered what the hell I was thinking meeting someone from Tinder. In fact the hours passed by in a blur of happy chatter getting to know each other.

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