How I Met Your Father

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Continued from part 15

I’m a Mrs! I just got married to my best friend and I couldn’t have wished for a more perfect wedding to celebrate the start of our life together. Coming home after our reception dinner was a blur of excitement and happiness. We had just got married. We were husband and wife! The day had gone by so quickly but every minute was etched in my memory forever.

We arrived home and I started the long process of getting ready for bed – taking off my make-up, removing all the hairpins from my up-style, unpacking my bag from the day… There were two things my HUSBAND (I still get excited being able to say this) was tasked to do because he’d just vowed “through good times and bad”. 😉

First I asked for his help to ensure all the hairpins were removed so I didn’t end up bruising my scalp while sleeping. (Or poking him in the eye unintentionally.) The second thing was persuading him to dig out a thorn that I had walked into my heel the entire evening since I couldn’t get to that part of my foot. You see I had taken off my heels after the ceremony so that a few shots could be taken of my shoes. I then decided that it would be okay to walk around barefoot for a little while before we headed to our reception. Big mistake, obviously. The thorn-removal process was not pretty, simple or painless. At one stage I was crying because it was sore but laughing my head off that this would be our first memory of married life. It was eventually removed without a trip to the nearest ER. (Could you just imagine the doctor’s face seeing a bride, still in her wedding dress, with a tear-stained face?!)

After Gary took a quick shower and we talked through what still needed to be packed for our honeymoon, we eventually got into bed. Now let me put that romance-movie myth to bed… (See what I did there!!) It wasn’t all sexy lingerie and “sexy time”. We were exhausted. We had had a long day. And the following day was going to be even longer considering we were travelling overseas. I remember us having a quick chat about what we were supposed to do and laughing about it because we were both so exhausted that we just wanted to go to sleep. Besides…who knows what we would get up to on the 9 hour flight to our first destination… 😉


Continues in part 17.

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