How I Met Your Father

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Continued from part 14

The last post was all about getting our invites out, finalising our seating plan and sorting out to-do lists. The last few weeks before our special day went by so quickly that they’re all blurry… But it doesn’t matter because our day was so memorable that I don’t need to recall the lead-up.

Saturday 24 March started off with French toast made specially for me by my dad. We sat on the patio in the early morning sun and chatted and ate. I was calm. But I was also nervous and excited. I couldn’t believe that the day had finally arrived.

The morning’s hair appointment drifted into the afternoon and the start of having my make-up done and getting ready. The photographer arrived and before I knew it, it was time to slip into my beautiful dress, put my red heels on, and take my dad’s arm as he walked me down the aisle.

I remember silently willing my legs to keep me upright. I remember each and every step on the grass towards a red rose petal heart where my husband-to-be was waiting. I remember leaning over and kissing him which obviously caused a stir, but I hadn’t seen him since the Friday and I just had to kiss him.

Our marriage officer led us through our vows and I Do’s. And as I was promising to be there through it all, I couldn’t help but notice how I was barely whispering the words. Not because I didn’t mean them or because I didn’t want anyone to hear, but just because there was so much emotion that my voice just couldn’t take it.

And then we were married. Husband and Wife. With a signed document to prove it and with red rose petals strewn all over us for extra effect.

The reception was perfect. The decor was beautiful. The atmosphere was relaxed. It was like we were hosting a dinner party with our nearest and dearest. The evening flew by in a bit of a haze between starters, main course, speeches and dessert. And although we had handpicked the menu (especially the dessert buffet), I found I couldn’t eat for the excitement. I was married! To the man of my dreams! To my best friend!

PS: Of everything that happened that day, the one thing I’ll never forget is how I burst into happy tears after reading through my Twitter timeline that morning and seeing Gary’s tweet about how he was going to be marrying his best friend.

And now for some piccies… These were all taken by family or friends and uploaded to Facebook. I just can’t wait to see the professional pics…

The setting & saying I DO

My gorgeous dress

My sexy red heels

Mr & Mrs

Continues in part 16

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