How I Met Your Father

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Continued from part 10

First a recap…
In the November of 2009 His Sexiness placed a gorgeous engagement ring on my finger and asked me to marry him. I said yes and the wedding planning began. In the January of 2010 we found the perfect venue and booked it.

Now came the arduous task of formulating our guest list…

I sat down in front of my computer, opened up an Excel spreadsheet (because I don’t believe in simple pen-and-paper lists) and began inputting names. I started off with Gary and myself, because you do need to count yourselves in if you’re hoping to eat on the night, and specifically if you’re working towards a specific number of guests. Then I continued with my mother, my father, my step-mother, my brothers and their wives, my sister and her husband, my step-sister and her husband, and then family friends. Then I followed on with friends from high school and university. And then I made Gary sit down and send through his list of family, family friends, and friends. And then the real fun began…

Because, not only had we reached our estimated amount of guests really quickly, there were still some others that we needed to invite. As we’re both quite involved with Twitter, and had got to know quite a few on a personal “in-real-life” level over the months, we needed to add them to our guest list. And that meant diminishing the list a bit on the family and other friends parts.

So we went through our respective lists of friends and family and Twitter friends. And we looked at the list with a harsh eye and removed people that we haven’t spoken to in a while or aren’t that close with. The list diminished ever so slightly.

In the February of 2010 we sent our electronic Save the Date through to everyone on List A (as we now call it).

Now a lot happens in a year. Some people you lose touch with. New people arrive in your life and become good friends. And so, right before we finalised the amount of invitations we would need, we looked through the list again. And yes, some people were added and some people were taken off. It was difficult. It was tough. But it was necessary.

Having the final guest list in hand, we designed and ordered our invitations. They’re now sitting safely in a box on my kitchen counter. And guess what, between the time of “okaying” the design and getting them printed, there’s one or two people that have creeped onto the list… Can you say “back to square one”…

Continues in part 12

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  1. This is almost like a “all coming back to me” post about our wedding more than 10 years ago. Enjoy girl.

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