How I Met Your Father

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Continued from part 9

First a recap…
In the late November of 2009 I had been whisked away by His Sexiness for a weekend away. Little did I know though that that particular weekend had been planned for months before. Little did I know that that particular weekend was not just a weekend in Cape Town to surprise a friend. Little did I know that that weekend away was going to be the weekend we’d get engaged!

As soon as we were back from our weekend away, the bride-to-be-slash-event-planner bug in me took hold of soft flesh, and bit down hard! I used every conceivable free moment at work to trawl the internet in the search for the perfect wedding venue. I wasn’t just looking for anything, I was looking for charm, out of the ordinary, affordability, something that no-one knew of, something that spoke to me… A walk in the park? You can bet my butt it wasn’t!

I trawled and I surfed.

And I browsed and I googled.

I knew the perfect place was out there so I searched some more.

I managed to find quite a few options and put them down on the list. I showed this list to His Sexiness and he gasped. Could there really be that many venues to look at, he asked me with tears in his eyes. (There weren’t really tears but you get my drift.) So I relooked at the list. And the list got shorter. Again I showed it to His Sexiness and this time there were less tears but still he enquired as to the number of venues we could possibly be interested in. And again I relooked at the list and managed to get it down to a handful. And this was where the “fun” came into things…

During the December of 2009 and the January of 2010 we went to look at my handful of venue options. I was on holiday. His Sexiness was on holiday. So we took our time in seeing each venue.

We started our viewing at The Bridge. Now, this place looked and sounded absolutely perfect from the website. And with such hopelessly high expectations and thoughts that this venue was The One, I was quite disappointed that it was far from perfect when we arrived. Now obviously all your thoughts are “but how could you expect to find The Venue on your first viewing?” But picture me, screaming and screeching in delight because, oh my word!, we found The Venue on the first try. It was stupid of me and my overly positive thoughts and over active imagination. Onto venue number two…Everwood…

Again Everwood looked like it could work well. But given my experience from venue number one, I didn’t trust the website and what it said or showed. We arrived at this venue on a particularly hot day. We stepped out of the car and immediately the smell smacked us in the face. The smell of horse manure. Not quite the smell you want to have when you’re walking down the aisle. Not quite the smell you want to have when you’re promising to love one another forever. So we took the five steps back to car, hopped in and drove away…with the outside aircon button switched off.

We had a quick look at The Moon and Sixpence but found that it was a bit too commercial for our liking. We had a look at Oakfield Farm when I dragged His Sexiness to a bridal fair that was being held there. And again, it was too commercial. Not out-of-the-ordinary enough.

It was at about this stage that we went to look at one of the last few venues on the list. And it was as we were going through the front gate that I knew this venue had more than just a fighting chance. It was quaint in an old English countryside kinda way. It was big enough but intimate enough at the same time. It was rustic and modern. And the honeymoon suite would be thrown in for the night of the wedding. Score! Unfortunately you don’t get to know the venue’s name. Not until the invitations go out…

Continues in part 11


  1. Dang girl you could write soapies if you need a second career. You sure know how to keep us hanging in anticipation.

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