House Sweet Home

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Making a house a home is hard work! It’s something I’ve only discovered recently after buying and moving into our new home.

I think we were a little idealistic or naive when we moved in. We didn’t think there would be that much to do around the house considering the previous owners had renovated most of the house. We did know that we would need to sort out the main bedroom cupboards and redo the kitchen cupboards, but other than that there wasn’t much.

But now that we’re all moved and have lived there for 2 weeks, our To Do List has grown and it seems every weekend for the rest of our lives will be busy with stuff on our house! I’m not complaining at all because the house is ours! You see, I’m just not the type of person that can wait to see results. I need to see everything the way it should be now! (The same goes for me and exercise…)

The weekend after our move saw us heading to Makro to buy a hosepipe (we hadn’t even thought about this one), and to Builders Warehouse to buy a new kreepy head. Gary spent an age getting the new kreepy to work considering the amount of leaves in the pool, while I fished as many leaves as I could with the leaf scooper. We’ve also had to buy pegs for the washing line, fish food for the gold fish we inherited that live in the pond, light bulbs in bulk considering many of the bulbs were dead, a HUGE roll of black bags to clear the pile of rubbish left by the previous owners (we still haven’t got to the bottom of this pile), etc. And that is just the last 2 weekends!!

We will need to buy “pollyfilla” to fix all the holes in the walls and chunks missing in the walls from when the previous owners moved. We will probably have to repaint many of the rooms considering a good clean didn’t do much – can you say Painting Party! We will need to buy a lawnmower at some point too. Unless we buy a goat first! 😉

I suppose all I need to do is make a proper To Do List. And then I’ll feel better by being able to tick things off as they get done. I do think that on the top of the list should be “spend all our wedding gift vouchers”. What do you think?!

Hugs & Kisses
Jessica Giggles


  1. Oh I can so relate. Although I am much slower at getting the house things done, and my to-do list just keeps growing. It all is a little bit overwhelming sometimes. But there really is something special about being in your own home 🙂 Enjoy!

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  2. It’s totally fine doing all that work, because it’s your home. Nice feeling. You should totally plan a painting party, with the promise of pizza & beers. I would paint for pizza & beer. Ok, make it bubbly, chuck in a flight and I’m there 🙂

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  3. I can relate, we are house hunting at the mo and I feel like a “house snob”. I cannot see past certain things in a house. I fell in love with one house until I got to the bathroom “yikes”.

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