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We returned from our December break a week ago and boy do I miss it! I miss being with my mom. I miss taking Miss Molly (the Schnoodle) for a walk on the beach every morning. I miss the incredible sunsets each evening. I miss the relaxation and spending my days doing what I want to. But adulting is necessary. And adulting means returning to reality at some point – work, routine, normal life… So allow me to relive my holiday a little.

MrMan and I left for Hermanus on a Sunday and as it was a stop-over destination from an overseas country the plane was chockers! Luck was on my side when I checked in online as I chose the best seats on the plane with lots of leg room.


We arrived safely in Cape Town and my mom was waiting for us in the airport arrivals parking area. The first thing I did after placing my bag in our room was to sit on the new couch on the balcony, have some tea, enjoy the view, and tuck into my first book of the holiday.


Little Miss Molly (aka Duchess Molly) is the cutest little bundle of fluff. We first met her when we went down in April last year and she was still a mischievous puppy ready to bite toes. She is still as playful and regularly chases after her squeaky plastic chicken, or goes a little crazy when I chased her signalling that it was time to play.


Our Hermanus holidays are never complete without a puzzle or two. They are never just any puzzle that would take a few minutes to complete… They are always massive puzzles of at least 1000 pieces and are typically very gorgeous pictures but seriously difficult to put together because of the similar colours or intense patterns. This time around we had to bring in a different table completely as the puzzle was too big to fit on my mom’s dining table which is where we normally build the puzzles.


One of the highlights of our holiday was our trip to Kleine Zalze Wine Estate and the Terroir restaurant. MrMan had organised this through work and we were thoroughly spoiled and treated like royalty! We were seated with the estate’s wine-maker, and the estate’s representative and his wife and started off our lunch with a sparkling wine. We then had a gorgeous assortment of breads delivered followed by the most sublime three course lunch. Throughout our lunch we sampled about six wines, mostly whites, all of which were perfectly paired with our choice of starter, main and dessert courses. Based on my inability to handle alcohol though, I was pretty tipsy by the end of our lunch, even though I had kept up my intake of water. This top-ten restaurant was a once-in-a-lifetime experience and definitely something I won’t forget soon.


Our return flight was at the crack of dawn which wasn’t good news for my heavy eyelids, but was definitely fantastic news for my camera lens. We had stayed in Cape Town the night before we departed based on the time of our flight. We decided to have lunch in Cape Town while waiting for MrMan’s cousin to finish up with work/errands as we were staying with her and her family that night. We had had great plans of getting an early night, but this was not to be as there was a lot of catching up to do since it’d been a while since MrMan had seen them. We also decided quite late to go out for a “quick” dinner which ended up not being as quick because the restaurant was so busy. But it was a great night out nonetheless and an awesome time spent getting to know them.


It’s been an eventful year and amazing holiday spent with this handsome human and I wouldn’t have wished any of it to be different. Here’s to the year ahead – new adventures, new challenges, new memories and loads of love.


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