Have I told you…

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…that we’ve bought a house?! And have I told you how quickly it all happened?!

After coming back from honeymoon we started looking into properties online that met with our location and price standards. We booked to see a few properties after work and on Saturdays and also went through to a few show-days. We saw a lot of houses and all were nice BUT there was a BUT… Some didn’t have a shower. Some were renovated so poorly that the renovations were obvious and didn’t make sense. Some needed a whack of work that wouldn’t make sense considering the asking price. Some were perfect but just not quite us. We had probably only been seriously looking for about a month when…

Sunday 20 May
We had gone to look at 2 houses that were on show that day and neither of which floated our boat. We were on our way out of the area when we just happened upon another house that was on show. We did a drive-by and stopped at the top of the road before turning around and deliberating about whether to view the house or not. We decided we should. And upon walking through the front gate we knew this house was going to be way more than what our budget allowed. But now we were committed to walking through the house at least and showing some interest. So we walked through and fell in love with everything… The paint on the walls. The bedrooms. The kitchen. The bathrooms. The double garage. The flooring. And then we had to leave the house knowing that it was what we were looking for but knowing too that it was too expensive.

Gary and I then went out to lunch and got chatting about the houses we had seen. We chatted about how much work needed to go into most of the houses we’d seen. And about whether the amount it’d take to do renovations would justify the property and the resale value. And about whether we would even be able to do renovations considering the asking price of most of these homes. So we chatted and chatted and came to the conclusion that maybe we should look at a house that only needs a little bit of work rather than having to renovate everything. And now…all of a sudden…the house we happened upon became etched in our minds as the house we wanted as a home.

Tuesday 22 May
We arranged to view the house again. And again we walked through the house and fell deeper in love with everything. We had a long conversation with the estate agent on the pavement after we had walked around. We spoke about the house. We spoke about the family. We poked and tested a bit about the price with the estate agent. And then we left…

Wednesday 23 May
We arranged to view the house once again only this time we asked both sets of parents to come through too. I know we’re now adults and we should be able to do things without our parents’ approval, but it was important for us for them to see the house considering they’ve been in the property game a lot longer than us. They all thought it was great! And Gary and I left that night knowing what we wanted to do…

Thursday 24 May
We met up with the estate agent after work…to sign the OFFER TO PURCHASE! We were excited and nervous all at the same time. I mean…I couldn’t believe we were signing an offer to buy a house!

Friday 25 May
We were on our way to the “weekend from hell” event when we got a call from the estate agent saying that our offer had been accepted! Our very cheeky offer had been accepted! WOW! We were going to own a house! My wish not to move once more after moving now would be coming true! WOW!

Monday 28 May
We had been put in touch with the bond originator that the estate agent used over the weekend, and we were advised what documents we would need in order to apply for a bond. So off we went first thing in the morning to the bank to get 3 months bank statements. And while we were there we ended up chatting with a consultant about home loans… And wouldn’t you know that the bank was running a special that if a bond was applied for in-store and then approved before 31 May, we wouldn’t have to pay for registration fees. SCORE! So we stayed a little longer and applied for a bond with the consultant. And then the waiting game began…

Wednesday 30 May
We didn’t have to wait too long though because we got a call in the early afternoon saying that our bond had been approved! YAY! Now another box had been ticked and we were now on our way to owning our first home!

Friday 1 June
We met up with the first lot of attorneys to sign documents relating to transfer. We were still in a “pinch me because this can’t be real” state…

Friday 8 June
We met up with second lot of attorneys to sign the bond documents. Can’t believe we killed a few trees signing those documents. And still can’t believe we’ll be home-owners!

So within a space of 2 weeks we’d had an offer to purchase accepted, a bond approved, and the necessary documents signed. I still need to pinch myself as a reminder that this is all real and not just a dream… I suppose everything will be more real once we move in this weekend…

Hugs & Kisses
Jessica Giggles


  1. So incredibly happy for you guys! I am hoping we can be in the same boat next year 🙂

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  2. There’s nothing better than walking into a house and it just feels like home. Awesome news. Congratulations!

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