Has it been that long?!

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Has it really been a month since my last post? I guess it’s because so often I’ve wanted to blog but then when I log on the words just don’t come… I suppose it’s been a mix of crazy-busy with work, nerves, worry and excitement about my upcoming wedding, and a whole bunch of other things thrown in for good measure that have made my brain a big pile of “don’t know what to write”.

I can update you by saying:
– I had an awesome holiday in Cape Town.
– I’m back at work and not loving it.
– I still haven’t managed to find the perfect wedding shoes.
– We are still living in The Cupboard Cottage.
– We now have internet at Cupboard Cottage but it’s so slow.
– My wedding is officially 5 months away! Just around the corner and so much to do still!

Now that that’s said and done, I promise to put together a post on our holiday and my niece’s christening. And I promise to try sort through all the draft posts that have not got the nod.

Til then…
Jessica Giggles


  1. Wow only 5 months away:) so exciting. Have you visited Bride & Co. off Rivonia, they had nice shoes when I was looking (about 5 years ago)

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