Half Birthday Celebrations

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Last Tuesday I headed over to Beefcakes with a bunch of friends to partake in their Bitchy Bingo night. I have been wanting to go ever since I found out about their bingo nights and my half birthday celebration was the perfect excuse! (Not that I actually needed one!)

We met up at 7pm and enjoyed the most amazing burgers followed by some delectable desserts before the show got on the road.

We started off with a number or two by our hostess.
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And then got down to playing a game (or four) of bingo.
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There was a relatively small crowd last week which was probably because of school holidays and all the public holidays, so we were given more attention by our hostess. In fact a few of us who were being taunted by Lady Luck and our inability to mark off any numbers on our grid were called up to stage to get some good luck by sitting on the lap of the “ball boy”. It definitely worked for me, though I didn’t have enough luck to win a game.
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No matter though as three of my friends ended up getting bingo and were called up to stage to perform some or other act in order to claim their prize – like lip-syncing to Dancing Queen, or performing a small strip show.

It was definitely a night to remember and a great one surrounded by friends. If you’re in the mood for a bingo game with a difference, I definitely suggest you head to Illovo on a Tuesday night.

This was one of the things on my list to do this year. See what else I’ve got up to or what I plan to get up to over here!

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