Goodbye Thirty. Hello Thirty-Young.

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Thirty-one. THIRTY-ONE! How did another year pass so quickly?!

It sure has been a busy year, and a year filled with accomplishments!

I have been at my “new” job for over a year now and am still loving every moment. Yes some moments are more difficult to love than others, especially when you have to deal with difficult clients or crazy deadlines. But the people I work with really make all the difference. And the every-now-and-then-but-mostly-once-a-month Friday afternoon braais/drinks help to shake off the past week and build great relationships. On the staffing side of my job, we reached a set target and so our division is being taken out to dinner next week.

After having my car stolen mid last year, I bought myself a new one in February (and then “lost it” on the first day). Unfortunately for me this wasn’t a straight forward purchase as I’m still dealing with some admin…after 8 months of having the car! Part of the deal was to receive a full service history as well as the spare key. After a few months of following up and getting promised the earth, the sales consultant left without letting me know so I had to start the whole process again with someone new. Since then I have finally received confirmation of the service history. And now I just wait for feedback about when the spare key will be ordered and programmed.

February seemed to be a busy month because I also put in an offer for a place of my very own. By early March the offer was accepted and the gears were put into motion. I did a whole bunch of renovations to bring the place into the modern ages that took about two months. The difference between the before and the after is quite something! Even though it’s been a few months since I moved in, I still can’t quite get over that it’s mine!

And everything in between…
I entered the iPhoneography exhibition again this year and was super excited to find out that two of my photos were accepted. I’m waiting for the day when they are delivered so I can start plotting my Instagram wall in my house.

It’s been so amazing getting my apron back on and getting up to baking fun in MY kitchen. This only started recently and I have attempted to make something different every Sunday. Give or take a few Sunday’s where I’ve been exhausted from working events, I have done quite well. (My colleagues definitely appreciate the baked goodies I share each Monday…)

And last but not least…LOVE
I plunged in the deep end of dating pool and joined Tinder in November. And I hit the jackpot! It’s almost a year down the line with Mr Man and what a phenomenal year it’s been!


A day of being thirty-young and of course it feels no different to any other day, but I know that the year ahead will be bigger, better and brighter than this past year.

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